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Congrats to Hugh Giordano for being awarded Ambassador of the Year at the NJ Cannabis Insider Awards

Congratulations to Hugh Giordano (UFCW 360 Organizing Director) for being awarded Ambassador of the Year at the upcoming NJ Cannabis Insider Awards Show!

The article discusses an upcoming cannabis business awards show in New Jersey called the NJ Cannabis Insider, which aims to celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies in the cannabis industry over the past year. The event will take place on June 8 at the Carteret Performing Arts Center and is open to the public, with a limited number of tickets available. While the winners in 17 categories will be announced at the awards show, the article highlights the recipient of the Publisher's Choice award for Ambassador of the Year: Hugh Giordano.

Hugh Giordano is well-known in New Jersey's cannabis space as the "Union Guy." He has been instrumental in advocating for the rights of cannabis workers, fighting for fair wages, healthcare benefits, vacation and sick days, and retirement options. Inspired by his colleagues in the UFCW on the West Coast, Hugh has worked tirelessly to ensure that cannabis owners have the same rights as other business owners and that workers have the freedom to unionize without fear of retaliation.

As the director for organizing at UFCW, Hugh has played a significant role in obtaining labor protections for workers in most of New Jersey's medical and adult-use cannabis companies. He has established labor peace protections, which not only allow workers to unionize but also enable them to express their desire to do so openly and freely. Hugh and his team of representatives regularly attend conferences, town hall meetings, and visit cannabis shops across the state to advocate for workers' rights.

Hugh's passion for helping workers achieve financial stability and fulfill their professional dreams stems from the signing of the New Jersey Medical Cannabis Bill into law in 2010. He recognized the potential for job creation in the cannabis industry and wanted to ensure that workers were protected from the beginning. Hugh describes his work as a mission to serve and sees it as a constant commitment, always thinking about how to assist workers and protect their rights.

Overall, Hugh Giordano's dedication to advocating for cannabis workers and his efforts to establish labor protections in New Jersey's cannabis industry have earned him recognition as the Ambassador of the Year at the NJ Cannabis Insider awards show.


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