UFCW 360 Union Representatives


Terri Dunnet

Terri Dunnet has been a union member for 24 years and now serves Local 1360 as a Union Representative, a position she has held since 2005.


Lyle Haynes

Lyle Haynes’ career spans 36 years. Lyle became a Shop Steward in 1992 and was instrumental in various projects, acting as a S.P.U.R. (Special Project Union Representative) on three separate occasions. Lyle was hired in 2005 and is proud to serve as a Union Representative.


Helen Polizzi

Helen Polizzi
 has been a union member for 19 years. The highlight of her career was being sent to Mobile, AL, in 2002 for an organizing drive. She has been a Union Representative since August 2003. Helen loves to help members and doesn’t think this is a job, but rather a life experience!


Tim Terifay

Tim Terifay has been a union member for 23 years and served as a Shop Steward for 10 years. Tim started with Local 1360 as an Organizer in August 2000 and became a Union Representative in December 2001. In 2005, he became Local 1360’s Collective Bargaining Representative and serves in this capacity today.


Tom Zola

Tom Zola has been a union member for 30 years and served 10 of those years as a Shop Steward. Tom was a member of the Local 1360 Executive Board for one year and has been on staff as a Union Representative with the Local since 2005.


Saylor Winslow

Saylor Winslow has been a union member for 40 years and served as a Shop Steward for 10. He also serves on the Executive Board as a Vice President. He has been a Union Representative for nine years and is currently serving as the assistant to the Servicing Director.